Risport Skates

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We are Agent of Risport Skates (  www.risport.com ) in Iran for more than 7 years. Risport Skates is headquartered at the Rossignol-Lange premises in Montebelluna, Treviso, a province in the North-East of Italy. This area has been home to the finest shoemakers and craftsmen since 1808.
Decades of Venetian tradition have influenced the unique sense of design, color and craftsmanship of  modern Montebelluna. The city is now considered the world’s center for sports shoes, with ice and roller skates as two specialties of this vibrant shoe district.

With distinctive features associated with the use of modern technology, Risport has always stood above its competitors. The company has been an industry leader offering innovative design and using materials and technology which meet the demands of amateur and professional skaters alike. In 1995, Risport became part of the Lange Boot company, a leader in ski boot manufacturing.  Risport is now a key division of Lange and the Rossignol Group and will continue offering cutting-edge technology and steadily evolving solutions to a fast-growing skating community.

Ice skates remain the core of Montebelluna’s long boot manufacturing tradition, where style, design and detailed craftsmanship are a must and passed on from one generation to the next. It’s this “made in Italy” quality which distinguishes our products.